Uttrakhand government management corruption

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Sir I request to you please watch the conditions which is getting worst day by day in uttrakhand and uttar pradesh government schools. All the corrupt management’s just take the money from government and doing nothing for children. I hardly request to you sir please work strictly to our educational and government to digitalised all the government officials work. I am also government employee who daily survive so many government officers dirty behavior on common man. They all backstabbing me. All the government schools are going to end because their is no teacher to teach students and principal are quite because private management can dismiss him if he takes any action. Private management school and colleges takes a big amounts before giving a job to any eligible person who can teach students for them bright future. But corruption of private management killing their souls. Because they all are very powerful and everyone afraid to pickup this issue. These management doing this from generation by generation. They know if anyone tried to take a action, he will be gone from government officers, currept police or by any accident case wich can’t proved that they kill that guy. But if I gone then definitely someone who has a royal blood in his veins like me, will take a cruel action against these corrected people’s.

Uttrakhand government management corruption
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