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Respected sir , me and my husband badly injured by a bank loan , now my mortgages property means my home is auctioned by bank on 02/06/15 , pls save my home n business . we have a manufacturering unit of outdoor advertising products , several times I requested to bank that our unit has lately started so give us some time n space to work , till then excuse our installments n chance to deposits minimum amount of interest . but bank denied , now the position is very bad , we are going through sarfaesi , we are banking with punjab national bank , zoo road branch .
sir may request you to give us a way to get rid of dis bank problem . our unit has lots of new machinery which is first time in North East so we need time to explore it . For promotion n popularity of our unit is slowly spreading in North East , but response is very good so now we are unable to repay bank as much they want but if there is any option that we can minimise our installments that we should go but bank is not agree , misbehaving like anything and now demanding 70, 00, 000/ by 02/06/15 , now what to do sir , I don’t know so I am registering this complaint against them n heartiest request you to find me a solution please sir , I beg of you do something .
Please ignore my mistakes if I had done
with regards
Manasri saikia
vantage point communications

vantage point communications
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