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Dear Mr. Kejriwal,

I am Dr. Ravi Bhushan Garg, resident at D-10/3, sector -8, rohini, new delhi 110085. I have been threatened multiple time by our vendor who supplies news paper. He is saying that he wants an extra surcharge 20 Rs every month (thats also includes from last year), if unpaid he will stop the supply of newspaper. We have voucher of hindustan time for an year and there is no where mentioned regarding the surcharge. Also when we tried talking to him, he states that we can go to any police station or news channel or newspaper headquarters – nothing will happen because his name is Ram Chandra Yadav.

We really feel threatened and I would really appreciate if necessary action is taken against this.

Thank you once again for your time and attention


Best Regards,
Ravi Bhushan Garg

Vendor for Hindustan Times
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