Vibes Healthcare Hyderabad confidently cheated for Rs 35000 and not refunded

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I had taken some services ( Laser hair remover , beauty package and others) in the form of package ,from Vibes Health Care ,Gachibowli Hyderabad. This was one and half

year before now ,which were running and I was using them.

Before it’s completion , Vibes Gachibowli recommended me to extend the services and take some other services.

We then took new services worth Rs 31,173 on 12 Jan 2014.

After few days of this full advance payment of Rs 31,173, and after taking one session of the previous running service of Laser Hair treatment, I found some swelling

in the arms.

I went to the care hospital hyderabad and got medication for that.

After few days I got neck movement problems and other health problems that I am having since a year after that.

I am now not able to take those package services.

Also I am moving to the other city where Vibes center is not there.

My husband had requested many times to the Vibes for refunding the money paid( Rs 31,173).

The Package worth Rs 31,173 has services from Vibes and they were never started and never used (services are for laser and other treatement).
Also we are not in a position to use them in future.

Vibes Gachibowli had not refunded the money.

We had sent them many emails and had called them on phone many times but they had not given back the money taken from us.

Also I had taken Beauty Package for Rs 10,000 before Jan 2014.

The package is also not completely used.

I also request the refund of the remaining amount out of Rs 10,000 along with Rs 31,173 which is just paid to them and since then they had just kept it.

Request to kindly help me in getting back the money as they had taken Rs 31,173 for which services were never started and they are not giving back the money.

If their is some service that we had never started and never used and paid full money all in advance, they (Vibes) should refund back the money honestly, incase we are medically not fit or not in a position to use them or going to a place where they do not have any branch.

I had paid money for their service and I have below conditions

1) I am medically not well since more than a year and not in a position to take the service.
2) We are relocating to Pune due to office in Pune and Vibes is not having center in Pune , so we can not use it there.

Considering the above two conditions , Vibes is doing very bad with me in not refunding the money.

Kindly please help me in this situation.


Vibes Healthcare Hyderabad confidently cheated for Rs 35000 and not refunded
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