VODAFONE DELHI: Misguiding customers with wrong information

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I am using Vodafone connection from past 5 years. On 31st July, 2015 i got a call from some vodafone executive regarding internet data plan information. He gave me information on an internet plan of Rs.750 with 4GB data on 3G network. At that time i was already subscribed to a plan of Rs.650 with 3GB data on 3G network. He said that the new plan of Rs.750 is good and will give me 4GB data. He didn’t informed me that if i apply for the new plan in the end of the ongoing billing cycle then flat rental will be charged. After the call a message was sent to me in which i had to follow some instructions and the plan was activated on my number.
I was under the impression that for the current billing cycle rental will be on pro rata basis as no specific information was provided to me regarding the fixed rental plan.
Now when the bill is generated i am charged Rs.750 for the whole month of July however i applied for the plan only 1 week back from the new billing cycle. Why will i pay full rental for 1 week? If i was informed regarding the same then i would not have applied for the new plan in the existing billing cycle.
I am not a fool to pay Rs.750 for 1 week.
Now when i am logging my compliant in customer care regarding my concern then they are asking if i can remember the name of the executive who called me then they can help me.
Who is going to remember the name of the executives when in a day a person is getting around 5 to 10 calls from various sales executives?

I don’t want to spoil my relation with the Vodafone network because till date i did not have any major issues with the network. Please consider my concern regarding the same. In any case i will not be paying the rental of Rs.750 as i was misguided with information from the sales executive.

Sherin Abhilash

VODAFONE DELHI: Misguiding customers with wrong information
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