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Several times I am getting a call from Vodafone for paying the bill.. I told them that before the due date I will pay both the bills.. And I totally understand when they cal that its their duty to remind me..and I talk in a polite manner too..
But today on Tuesday ie 16 Feb I got a cal from a mobile number ie 9919277761 not from any companies number but a girl called me from her own number i think and she said she is from Vodafone..and the way she was speaking was so rude and illmannered..I told her I will pay and she was shouting and making fun as if I did a big crime..when I asked her name her words was ” Bill to jama hai ni n mera naam puch ri hai..ni pay karengi to bhot kuch ho jayega..” N what not..she was toking in such a manner as if I had murdered any person…and when I said k aaplog k liye kya customer matter ni karte hai kya..she said.. ” Nahi VODAFONE ke liye customers matter ni karte.” If this is the scene then why you people come pleasing us to take the connection… Really disappointed by Vodafone…

Vodafone Employees
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  1. Tushar

    My name is tushar I had pay vodafone postpaid bill 900 and these trasaction is not done so I want to transfer money to my bank account detail as below
    Hdfc bank


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