Vodafone : Negligence causing data protection act failure

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Hi Team,

My Name is Vignesh Mehta and I reside at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.I have been a loyal Vodafone postpaid customer for last 2 years. Plus I have 2 other numbers which are postpaid and are also within my family.

This email is with reference to an issue with my VODAFONE NUMBER: 9930339315 which has been long pending with Vodafone Store, Powai.

Without wasting much time of yours I will come to the point as I understand you have a lot many complaints to solve.

On 31st of July, 10:30 A.M. I received a message stating that my “SIM card exchange request vide ref number:- 106693842 is under process and will be processed shortly.
I was surprised as I’d never placed any request with Vodafone. I called the customer care as mentioned in the same text and asked them to cancel this request as it was not placed by me or anyone from my end. The lady at the other end of the call from the customer service said she has taken the cancellation request and the SIMEX will not be initiated.

I left for my work at around 11:30 and was on the way to my work when there was another message on my phone which I failed to pay attention to as it was a crowded train. By the time I reached my destination station there was no network on my phone.I tried my sim card in one of my friends phone as I myself work as a trainer at one of the international IT process.But I did not have any joy in my friends phone as well.

I checked the latest message which I had received and to my dismay found that the SIMEX was initiated and my number was now with someone else. All I was with is no phone and had to beg for a call from my friends mobile which downs my self reputation and self respect. Leave that aside, I had to ask my wife who is a doctor to run out of her busy schedule and visit the nearest Vodafone store in Hiranandani,Kharghar. I was constantly on call with Vodafone Store supervisor named (Sarwar) who asked me to wait as he needs to check as who has initiated this. So, basically from morning 10:30-16:30 IST I do not have any source of communication other than begging for a phone from my colleagues to check the status. This is completely unacceptable and not done from my end. On top of it my wife had to run leaving her scheduled appointments at-least 5 times until 5 o’clock.

At 5 o’clock it was known who was the culprit of this inconvenience. This was a store representative at Vodafone Store, Powai who had done this mistake/error whatever you call it. Now what happens??? My SIM CARD/number goes to a unknown person whom I don’t know possibly could be a terrorist or a militant and there can be many more stories which can be made and a lot if’s and but’s. Who will pay for all the inconvenience until now.

It does not end here. I was called by Sarwar at 17:00 hours back to Vodafone Store leaving my office for my signature and documents. I had to leave my office which was a Loss Of Pay for that day.I had to leave my work half way and had to come back to give a new request for SIMEX on my number so that someone else does not use my phone number any more. I had then left from office at 18:00hrs and reached Kharghar at 19:00hrs.

I had then placed a new request for SIMEX vide ref: 106867536. Thankfully, I had got my number activated and my number was fine post this.

Due to this I have also received various 3rd party calls asking me for various names of people and also abusing me when I told them it was wrong number.

Now comes the compensation part. I have been running to Vodafone, Kharghar for claiming the compensation as the compensation amount is too huge for your customer service team to waive off. I will mention point by point reasons and amount for claiming the compensation amount.

1.) Inconvenience caused(No communication on peak business hours),Loss of Pay for that day, Conveyance charges+ Petrol to travel from Sector 35 in Kharghar to Sector 7 in Kharghar x 6 trips, my Wife’s inconvenience+Loss of earnings and her reputation as a doctor going down for all the patients due to cancellation of certain appointments,My self respect and reputation going down due to pleading for a call from my friends phone Mental torture and harassment, inconvenience caused due to my number getting activated on someone else’s phone. This all amounts to a compensation of Rs10,000/-

Kindly please either credit this amount to my account or send me a cheque/DD for the same

Please acknowledge the mail as soon as you receive the same.

Kindly note that if the above mentioned/request for the compensation is not solved within 7 days failing which I shall be forced to take this matter legally and will file a consumer court case and will also write this issue to TRAI as a further course of action. I will also be forced to release a press statement on this issue to major daily newspapers.

@Mr Sood: Kindly request your intervention on this issue as this has been long pending issue.

Vignesh Mehta

Vodafone : Negligence causing data protection act failure
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