Volkswagen Dealer charged extra money when actual cost was less for Insurance Premium

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This is Tarun Bansal and I bought a New POLO Diesel car last month from Globus Cars, Gujranwala Town,Near Ashok Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110009.

I got cheated by that dealer as before purchasing the car, they suggested me Rs. 33826, as the Insurance Premium of my car from Bajaj. I paid the same amount while purchasing the car. The same amount they even mentioned in my Sales Contract. But when I received the actual policy from Insurance company, the receipt was only for Rs. 28633. That dealer showed me over prize of Insurance premium for Rs. 5193 and charged that amount while I purchased that car.

I already have put several complaints with India Volkswagen customer care, but there is no relevant response till now. Even the dealer was trying to convince me that this is the commission game between Volkswagen and Bajaj Insurance company where customer should not bother. But If Volkswagen charged me Rs. 33826 for Insurance premium, then why I received insurance premium received for Rs. 28633. When I asked the same thing to dealer, then they said that they generally do the same thing with all the customers and nobody raised that issue till now.

This is clearly a forgery where any one showed some another amount when the actual cost of that product or service is somehow different. Nobody knows that in the same way, how much customer has been cheated by them till now.

Please suggest me what should I do now as I already informed several times to Volkswagen customer but there are not entertaining my complaint.

Note: I have all the physical proofs with me where increased Insurance Premium amount clearly mentioned. Along with this I have the actual insurance receipt.

Feel free to call me on +91-9810892160

Volkswagen Dealer charged extra money when actual cost was less for Insurance Premium
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