Volley Ball NIVIA PU 5000 lost air pressure in one day

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I bought a Volley Ball NIVIA PU 5000 today 25.09.2015 in morning. The retailer gave me ball by filling sufficient air pressure. After 3-4 hours ball’s air pressure was found little less so by ignoring I filled require air pressure again at home. After that during play with the ball in half hour the air pressure of ball was left about half then before. I complaint about it to the retailer but he replied that ball is perhaps punctured so this is not his responsibility. In which place we were playing there was not any thorn because that area is a govt. officials area with clean roads where we were playing on road so how can that be puncture. I think either ball’s leather cover is not so good or that was already defected. So retailer should change the ball.

Volley Ball NIVIA PU 5000 lost air pressure in one day
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