voter id and aadhar printing agency

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I am from kerala, i appliaed for permanent epic center from EXTREME SOLUTION IT SERVICES, and paid 2.55 lakhs they gave a machine and blank aadhar smart cards and provided softwares for aadhar enrolment they told crtification will come with voter id printing and started my work for aadhar enrolment, i was doing enrolment and everything was going fine till i find out that i was registered in gujrat and they gave fake document to authorities when i complained about this the person who coordinated all this is telling he resigned and the company is telling they dont know anything about this, i think there are more victims who dont know about this
Extreme Solution IT Services
Shiv Furniture 1st Floor
Alwar – 301001
Rajasthan, India
contact person manoj-9744098558, 8058025551

my contact no 9388091841,email:

voter id and aadhar printing agency
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