Wan’t replace non working items

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Recpected Sir,

I place order on 1st April 2016 on ebay.in. Order and Paisapay ID: 42264022925 were for 2 commodities. Both are 32 GB SAMSUNG CLASS 10 MICRO SD CARDS. Payment was done by paisapay. Amount of one item is Rs. 299/- and total debit is Rs. 598/-. We got delivery on 7th April 2016. But both are non-working and they haven’t given any bill or say printed bill for shopping. I place complaint to customer care on 8th April 2016 but their behavior was kind of cheating. They said that as we haven’t got bill sot they will give us the contact number of seller and said to contact them directly. Then why would I contact seller? So I haven’t taken the contact number of seller. They also said to go to Samsung Service station for non-working items. Where would I find the service station and why I would have to bare the consequences of items without printed bill? I am working person. I am not free. You gave us non-working items and for that I have to bare lose and harassment and not that much you have taken payment before delivery. According to this conversation with customer care for more than half hour they register our complaint. Complaint ID: 1862964. When I told them about bill they said that they will talk to seller but they haven’t provide me any kind of sot or printed bill. This can be termed as legal cheating. With complaint they said that their team will contact us within 5 days and also said that my problem will be solving in 20 days orally. I also have call recordings with customer care as a proof.
Then what should I do to replace this both non-working items without bill. Where should I go with my problem? And I haven’t got my proper working items for which I have order for. I also have photocopy of my original order and I also have the photocopy of the items of delivery. When would I get my proper original working items with bill and revert for wasting my time and money?
I hope you can solve my problem as soon as possible.

Wan’t replace non working items
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