want the bill of Xiaomi

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red mi note bill.. as i lost it i want it again
pleas resent it

want the bill of Xiaomi
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15 Responses to “want the bill of Xiaomi”

  1. chandra mani singh

    model no redmi note 3 , i have lost my bill and my mei no is 869589025117401 and 869589025117419 plz send me a duplicate bill copy

  2. Sikander Chauhan

    Hi I lost my mobile bill plz help new one Imei 869162028070249
    Imei 869162028070256

  3. krishna

    i want a bill copy as my mobile is dead imei 1:866392025626429
    imei 2:866392025626437

  4. Neena Sharma

    I went to mi service center and they said that words on the bill are not clear ….
    I need a new bill please


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