wants help of zee news channel

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Jai hind sir ji, Himachal home guards minimum 8,000 soldiers are in trouble due to negitive policey of centre or state govt. We want to share our problem with u. We all want to ask some questions from indian govt, that why they are playing with our life or our kids future. We all are helpless sir and our every relation like our mothers, sisters, brothers, wifes, or childrens these all are disturved even our whole life is disterved and meanless. We are worked for our distt, state or our country bt govt cant returns us the complete result of our hard work. we get 1/4 parts of money from govt. we are calling a vollentare in govt rules. we are working for our distt, state or our country. We get 1/4 parts of money from govt but when you see our work schedule its like a regular employees. our coordinator employees get 100% parts of pay. both of us did same work, than why the payment is not same. We want to know the reason from govt with your support please sir do this for our kids future please its a high profile matter…..Only this is our ”Haq ka sawal”….jai hind again..
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wants help of zee news channel
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