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This is to bring to your kind attention that the residents of C-1, C-2 and D-1,D-2 block of Mayur Vihar Phase-III (Jantha Flats) have been getting the water bill @ Rs.96/- early but now not only the bill amount is on a higher side but it also contains interest and surcharge. There is no proper checking of water usage and the residents are forced to pay huge sums of money despite many residents not getting water. The surcharge and interest is added for defaulting residents and it is only increasing month-by-month, creating problem for the residents.

It is also surprising why DDA has not yet transferred the water supply to Delhi Jal Board even after so many years, when all other Pockets of Mayur Vihar Phase-III are receiving water from Delhi Jal Board.

We would urge you to kindly transfer the water supply from DDA to Delhi Jal Board at the earliest and proper bill based on the actual usage of water is sent to the residents.

An early action is solicited in the matter.

Water Bill – DDA
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