we want justice in death case

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my family member Amrita (25) wife of Sudesh kumar died in Civil Hospital, due to negligency of the doctors and staff after 3 day of surgery (c-section). Health minister of punjab Sh. Surjit Kumar Jyani annoced 2-2 lac compansation to three victim families. They also annouced action taken against culprit Doctors and staff after investigation. In his investigation, state level commeettiee found Infection as the cause of death. This infection move into the body of patients from infected equipments and operation table during the surgery. but no any action taken against culprit doctors and staff and no any compansation given by govt.
sir pls provide justice for me and other victim families.
Rajkumar Sathi,
H.No.126, st no. 7, Gopal Nagar, Haibowal Kalan, Ludhiana.
Contact No. 8195972308

we want justice in death case
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