Whaaky : Refund or replacement of product

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Complaint Date: october 19, 2015 By: hemraj Category: power bank& Clothing
Company Name: whaaky
Hi my order no. is s80966984 and i want to return this product. And as per your terms and conditions i registered my complaint within 24 hours .Seriously very disappointed with your services and your product quality .its just the piece of shit you given to us. Product which you shown in the web site was very different and when i actually receive the product that was totally different i just want my money back its jus better to buy a 100 rs powe bank instead of yours worth rupees 1149 to us.

Whaaky : Refund or replacement of product
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12 Responses to “Whaaky : Refund or replacement of product”

  1. Amrit singh

    Sir please refund my money your products verry low quality and itz size not fitt i want xxxl my id no S801564518 please sir replace your shirt

  2. Ranjith

    Sir please refund my money your products and very low quality . please help me.
    my item name :luck buy change-nokia@1499.
    My short desc :Any 1 Nokia mobile from 222/220/225.
    My Order No: S801796819.
    Please refund or return your Mobile.

  3. Nigama Nanda Nath

    I have ordered a nokia 235 mobile, but i got a china mobile and a second hand charger. Plz refund my money… .

  4. Hariharasuthan

    Dear sir.
    I am Hari your product quality is very low so please refund my cash or anther purchased in other product …..

  5. Barath

    I am buy a two Samsung mobiles and the two mobiles are damaged so please return my refund


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