What A Waster Of Time & Money ?

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I purchase I ball slide tablet on Sunday 07-09-2014 via Star cj channel . delivery received on 09-07-2014 on 7.40 Pm in evening . I open the box and try to on tablet it Is not on i call customer care and he says you need to contact I-Ball Customer care and get DOA certificate i call I ball customer care they guys advise you need to go nearest service center However all I done it .finally i received the DOA certificate and try to se at response@starcj.com mail id i try to send times but the mail bounce back to us i call star cj and try to explain the customer representative says you need to try after some time and he says we can not do anything you need to email the certificate what a joke the guys put me on hold for 32minute stilled not come back and cut my phone.

Please Do Not Buy Product From this company.

Just won’t sale product about service this company have ZERO ????????

i never Buy from this company . for any more information please call on 7600356997



What A Waster Of Time & Money ?
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