Why two important exams on same date? So change any ones date….

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Very Very Urgent
Dear Sir,

Please help us to solve the issue because not only my daughter but all the students of Maharashtra will miss the AIEESE -20016 (All India Engineering entrance scholarship exam) as this exam & MHT-CET 2016 (Maharashtra Govt. Engineering Entrance exam) exam both are held on 5th May-2016. Now our last hope is ZEE News.

After sending this email to prestigious persons, AIEESE people contacted me via Tel. No. 011-42408385 on 22/04/2016 morning & told me they will give some solution but on dt. 23/04/16 when I called them in the evening they told me sorry we can’t help you this is the only case with Maharashtra students & for one state they can’t change the date. In fact they explained me that before this also date clashed with some other states but we had not changes the date. I told if you know already this kind of problems/issues happened so why don’t you found some solution this time by contacting MHT-CET people to avoid the same mistake. For your kind information we have sent them email after declaration of MHT-CET date. But nobody cared for our email & phone calls.

We also sent email to MHT-CET but they also not replied. We have already sent email to Education minister of Maharashtra, Respected Smriti Iraniji, HRD ministry & some other persons but no solution from anywhere.

Please do the needful & give some solution for Maharashtra students. Why they miss AISSES-2016? All the students have paid exam fees for both the exams. Its students right to get the proper date & time to give the exam so as to secure there future career. Why they miss any of the exam? If any one change the date it will be in the interest of students so every student will praise them. Why ego in changing the date?

I am the regular viewer of ZEE NEWS & this my last hope to cope up with this problem. We are fighting for all the students of Maharashtra. Please…Please…. help us.

Yours faithfully

Mahesh Talreja
M : 8408947860

From: “Mahesh Talreja”
Sent: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 18:38:49
To: “chiefminister@maharashtra.gov.in”,”cs@maharashtra.gov.in”,”acs.schedu@maharashtra.gov.in”
Cc: “excelinfoss ”
Subject: Fw: Why important exams on same date?

From: “Mahesh Talreja”
Sent: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 18:25:32
To: “hrdministry@gov.in”,”Min_SchEdu@maharashtra.gov.in”,”enquiry@aieese.co.in”,”admissions@mhtcet2016.co.in”
Cc: “smritizirani@sansad.nic.in”,”smritzirani@gmail.com”,”Aakanksha Talreja ”
Subject: Why important exams on same date?
Respected Madam,

My daughter wish to give AIEESE-2016 (All India Engineering Entrance Scholarship Exam-2016) so she applied for it & got exam date on 5th May 2016. For this she also have to give engineering exams so she had given JEE Main 2016 & also this time Maharashtra Government taking separate engineering exam i.e. MHT-CET 2016 its date is also 5th May 2016.

So now MHT-CET 2016 exam date 5th May 2016
& AIEESE-2016 exam date 5th May 2016
both are important exam & both are mutually depend on each other i.e. to get scholarship you must pass the MH-CET 2016 vice versa to get the scholarship for engineering admission you must pass the AIEESE-2016. But problem is that

Why both exams held on same date?

How someone can give both exam on same date with different exam center?

Only Maharashtra Students are in this critical position so please suggest us what to do?

We have contacted AIEESE peolple but they are not helping just saying this is the problem with Maharashtra Students our exam dates are fixed & we have forwarded mail regarding this to hiher authorities. But up till no results.

We have contacted to MHT-CET Technical support they say that we know only exam is on 5th May 2016.

My daughter first applied to AIEESE & the first declared the date & later MHT-CET people declared the date.

Its our humble request please give us some solution so that all the students of Maharashtra will be benifitted.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

Mahesh Arjundas Talreja
M : 8408947860

Why two important exams on same date? So change any ones date….
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