withdrawl of 10000 rs from atm

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My self Anish Mishra . I want to share my experience with you . Sir on11th april 2015 I am visited a pnb atm and swipe mycard and entered my pinbut the atm screen became white. I wait there for 5 minutes . I try to usecancel button but cancel button isn’t working properly . Then I try tocontact with the atm guard but there is no guard in the atm . So after 5minutes I left the atm and going to hdfc bank atm and swipe my card there Ifound that my 10000 rs is debited .
With a couple of minutes I contact with customer care of pnb theytold me that. Might be it may be a technical fault theyregistered acomplaint against this and provide me a complain no i.e A010109773 and theytold me that resolution will came after 7 days.After 7 days the resloution came they told me my transaction found valid myclaim is rejected . But I can’t withdraw my money . Then the customer careexecutive told me that u can mail on these they give u the full descriptionthe mail id areatmcell@pnb.co.inomplaints@pnb.co.inThey just send me the ej slip and brs statement in which it is found thattransaction found sucessful and my claim is rejectedAfter this I am concenred this matter with my bank manager on phone . Theytold me that u have to apply for the cctv footage . In may I gone to pnblaxminagar and demanded for the cctv footage theseatms are under privatecompanies . So they will not provide me the footage .Then I consult this with my bank manager i.e ajay kaul (bo0744@pnb.co.in)They told me that they will look into this matter.Sir/Mam now 3 months happened I am regularly contacted with my bank mangerhe told me for the last 20 day u will get the cctv on tommrow or on thenext day. But I can’t get the cctv footage .It’s a humble request kindly take immedate action on pnb bankso that I can get my 10000 rs . Plz sir 10000 rs is very big amount for myfamily . u r my last hope plz do something.

with regards
CONTACT NO 9622314082 OR 9596825605

withdrawl of 10000 rs from atm
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