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I am maheswari Student of padmashree college of education (B.ed )college vattamalai, Kangayam. In this college Nothing is proper. Am feeling Very insecure. Correspondent padmanaban is behaving very badly to girl students.
Whenever we go to college one staff will be there. Whatever we ask he will tell go ask correspondent. After one year also they didn’t give fees bill. Simply they will keep on asking money. They blackmailed me to give money for issuing record book.
correspondent padmanaban got money from many people, they used to come to college and shouting for their money. College building is in rent, owner used to come and shout for rent. We don’t know when they will close college suddenly. Previous year they closed their padmashree polytechnic college suddenly due to lot of problems and students are shifted to other colleges at last minute.
Without knowing these problems i joined the college and i am suffering now. they made B.ed also 2 yrs i don’t know wat to do for this year. we students complained to education department but still now no action. Please help us this year atleast . its not at all a college.

worst college
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