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I am using idea mobile no- 9728600902 since Oct 2013 and paying all bills on time.. lots of time they charged me wrong and after my complaint some time they waived the wrong charges. on 30/08/2014, It was Saturday and the time was 8:13 PM I received a SMS Dear Customer, your request for Barring is registered and would be actioned within 1 hrs. through communication idC1-31701657573. And within a few seconds after this I was not able to make outgoing calls from my no..

I called to customer care center provided by idea company, they was helpless and even not able to tell me that why it happened. they said that this request has been actioned through our idea outlet and you have to visit there. I told them that today is Saturday and it is 8:30 now, your showrooms has closed now and will open on Monday only. I have to make a lots of call during this time so what should I do. they said we cant help you.

I am paying an average of 2000-3000 per month to idea and have totally fed-up with this kind of irresponsible customer service.

I just want to know that is this a way to deal with customer.
cant they inform me that sir, due to this reason we are going to discontinue services of your no.

Hope for earlier resolution from company…

Keshav Thakur

Worst Customer Service Of Idea
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