Worst Experience at INTEX service

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Myself Amit Kumar Kar , have purchased one Intex mobile on 21.01.2015. Due to water contact, the handset has been dead since 08.08.2015. I have visited to the authorised service center as follows:
Mega Service Provider (C & F)
Address : 1st Floor, 49B Chittaranjan Avenue, Near Central Metro, Kolkata – 700012, West Bengal
The problem has been recorded at the reception(Job Sheet No – 508107136038T001). The handset was full of important data, which I have informed to the concerned person at reception and requested to provide me a opportunity to speak to the stationed service engineer just to discuss the possibility to retrieve the data. But suprisingly, I was harshly rejected and the person at reception was annoyed to informed that they cant help!!
Still I requested her to record the same. She informed that I will get a call by 2-3 days from Intex Service center and will be updated on the furthur proceedings.
Suprisingly till 21.08.2015 I have not received any call. More importantly I revisited the service center to get the update. But surprinsingly, the lady sitting at the recption checked the system and informed that the handset has not been checked by the engineers yet, and have no idea when it can be done!!!! And they said the problem is only my issue but not the service center headache!!!! Can anyone imagine???

The behaviour from the service center was horrible and have no patience to address the customer issue.. The primary objective of a service is addressing customer problem will details and customer satisfaction. But unfortunately, the behaviour and response has been very sub standard and have no importance to resolve the customer problem. It seems that they only work to maintain a list of how many problem they have recorded a day rather to give good responses to complains.

I have been forced by the dealer to buy INTEX and assured about the service issue.
The company itself promoting themselves as No.1 and assuring hi class services to its consumer. But truely have experienced the worst possible service from the authorised service center.
The company should remember that the company depends on the customers, but customers dont depend on them. If the concerned persons at service center front desk dont have the training and skill to handle customer, INTEX should stop claiming as a good brand.

Being from a leading Media company, the experience will definity push me to depromote INTEX among my social circle only due to the service issue. I will definitely unfold my grievance in social media forum too.

I would suggest please ask company to close that service center because there people kill our time ,no management ,no rule ,no system ,its completely worthless .

Will wait for a response from the company itself before any furthur step.

Worst Experience at INTEX service
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