Worst Experience With Mobikwik payment

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I had a worst experience with Mobikwik app. I have chosen “Mobikwik” as a payment gate option when i booked the ticket in “Via” app. The amount has been deducted from my credit card account but failed to process the transaction and failed to confirm the ticket in “VIA”.

Then i paid through another payment option & booked the ticket. I was trying to call “Mobikwik” on that day but could n’t able do that as their support working hours are from 8AM to 10PM. But why they are offering the services in out of office hours where there was no support available.

I tried to contact them next day and they said the transaction was not successfull due to their server upgradation/maintenance. There was no answer from the customer support team when i raised the concerns like “Why it was not mentioned at that time of selecting this option as the payment gateway??” & “How the money was deducted from my credit card when server was in maintenance??”.

I asked them to transfer the money back to my bank account immediately & they said ok for that. It was initiated on Feb 13th 2016. Till today(Feb 29th 2016) the money was not transferred.

I was following up from Feb 13th to till date but no luck. I have to pay my credit card bill & it was double now as paid twice to confirm my flight ticket. it’s not at all a good “APP” & playing with customer’s/people’s emotions by offering cash back offers/discounts.

Worst Experience With Mobikwik payment
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