worst management of gov

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This letter can be a complaint if gov will take interest in it or a regular online letter like others in the list. I’m not complaining about mpgov is not working properly or they are not providing anything, it is about that even gov does not have any eye to see what is happening under their management lets start with base level parshads or for him gov do nagar nigam elections (if I am not wrong) and the fact is that this post is just about to serve the better and represent the particular area behalf of the citizen but here in my city (LOL still I’m calling it my city and place) Indore, my place gori nagar what i see, this is a kind of minister’s profile they have their own mans eho work for them (90% are uneducated, bullies or related to crimes and all) like collecting people for rallys or as they called shakti pradarshan but no one is here to watch their own work. For god sake after 10 years they are arranging dranage lines and water pipelines (narmada pipelines) and collected 1000-1500 rs from each home in gori nagar and what they gave is plastic based pipelines without aby pressure and all now maximum are not getting water by this because of unsufficient pressure or water supply ok forget it second thing (LOL) dranage lines (sewage system) they planned it in middle.of the road with a very small pipe but no issue But they dont even sense that they should place it under the road with propwr management according to houses and their links but worst plan. Also forget it only thing is that who will be responsible for this btw People pay taxes approx all like service, var, road and all they purchased the lands, built the houses and supporting the gov. And gov does not have any time to have a look into the area. Pipelines are damaged, no roads, without a vehicle you can not cross the road because of mud and holes no place to walk.

Only one question is

Who will give me the answer for all of this?

worst management of gov
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