Worst Service & Fake products- ShopClues

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> I have ordered laptop on march 17th
> ShopClues took 12 days to deliver order to Chennai(my home) — delivered on march 29 , where Flipkart and Amazon taking 2-3 days to deliver orders.
> then with in a day i found the laptop is faulty one, immediately i have contacted tech support of shopclues seller – Momentum group
> In 5 minutes i found that was a faulty piece but the great engineers took 10 days to declare
> then i have contacted ShopClues to take back this product
> Here the really hell started , ShopClues took more than days and i have called 100s of times for update finally they approved to take product back.
> They have taken more than a week to receive the product.
> After receiving they said quality check need to be completed.
> fine. Quality check completed but no update for 4 days.
> I have frustrated and called many times to customer support and they asked 48 hours time(if i dont call to shopclues they never bother about customer)
> okay , great i agreed.
> After 48 hours i have called now once again they are asking 4 days time to approve.

— Totally 50 days
still i dont have laptop in my hand
while i have not received any call from shopclues for any update.
Always i am only called though shopclues answers are very careless.
when i call shopclues they asks 4 days time.

Now i am finally decided to sue shopclues
and decided to do not buy any products in shopclues and i never encourage shopclues in my area.

I will forward this message to all my whats app and facebook group then everyone should come to know how shopclues screw customers.

And also i will forward this message to higher officials of shopclues , i will tweet to CEO and MD , will post linked in.
ORDER ID : 88394158


Worst Service & Fake products- ShopClues
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