worst service of mahindra zylo in authorised service center in goa

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A month back i had given my mahindra zylo for servicing in your authorised showroom which is in goa. During the servicing i have registered some electrical related and some other minor complaints for that they hav given the estimated cost around 31000. I got agreed to pay the amount because i trust to well maintained vehicle.They kept my vehicle for 4 days and still they could not solve a single electrical problem and given the bill of 25000. And that electrical problem was solved by the local mechanic in just 100rs in hardly 10 min. Which your mahindra authorised technician could’nt solve. And the behaviour of the people was really worst. The technician which they have are just illiterate and nonsense.and not even washed my vehicle after servicing.We are getting a very good respect and support from normal two wheelar service center which was absent in ur mahindra service center. We request you to take out the dealership and authorisation of this shaikh muktar group.

Unfortunately there is only one service center in whole goa called shaikh muktar group.I will never suggest to buy any mahindra vehicle to my friends and couligue hereafter due to the worst service which they delivered me. And even i will sell my vehicle as i dont want to enter anymore in that service center.

worst service of mahindra zylo in authorised service center in goa
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