Worst services of Micromax smartphones

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I am having Micromax A-290 Smartphone. There was problem of charging of phone.
I visited Micromax service centre at Pimpri ( New Tirupati Cellulars).
First day he checked phone and told me , battery need to be changed, it is not available now, you come tomorrow.(28/7/15)
Second day I visited, he told me battery not come you come tomorrow.(29/7/15)
Third day I visited, he told me you need to change battery & you have to replace motherboard & need to send to company & will take 8-10 days.(30/7/15)
Now from last 8 days I am following with them, they are saying phone is not completed.
Today I called Customer care centre, they are asking me job sheet number. I have given job.no 8611(B), they are saying it is not correct.
So, I have lost my time, money( Battery charges 1500/), my sleep and due to unavailability of phone my wife is not able to do her regular activities.

Worst services of Micromax smartphones
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