Wrong bill / meter tampering allegation sent by BSES Yamuna Power Ltd.

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Sub:- Wrong bill sent / meter tempering allegations sent by BSES to Mr.Ankit Arora, H.No.10/29, T/F, Geeta Colony, Delhi-110 031, Case ID – YM120514ST050, Old Meter No.11267733, R.4795

It is bring to your kind notice that on 12th May 2014 an Enforcement team reached during mass raid at our street and inspected so many houses. The team also reached at our premise and checked the above said meter. One representative of team told my mother that they will replace the above said meter and when my mother asked the reason, then they told that some display is not working in this meter. My mother told the team that 3rd Floor is vacant and they can check this floor, belongs to the above said meter and the team inspected the 3rd floor, as and noted down the electrical equipment and machinery on this floor (Inspection load report enclosed for your ready reference. Afterthat the inspected team replaced this meter and installed new meter (No.11544307).

On 16th May 2014, we received a Show Cause Notice for Dishonest Abstraction of Energy from Vikram Sigh, Assessing Officer ENF-II, Office of the General Manager, Enforcement Department, Patparganj for personal hearing on 18th June 2014 at 10.30 AM. This show cause notice mentioned that BSES also issued a Show cause notice earlier which is again attached with this for ready reference. But we did not receive any Show Cause Notice prior to this and it is also not attached with this Show Cause Notice. My father went there on 18/6/2014 and submitted an application on behalf of me stating all episodes .I also mentioned in application that I am Bachelor and live with my joint family. The third floor is fully vacant.

Now, we received a bill mentioning Assessment Bill for Theft (Meter tempering) from BSES, issue dated 17/7/2014 for payment of Bill, 16,462/-, due date – 01/08/2014.

Further, we receive a Speaking Order from Enforcement Cell dated 18/07/2014 from BSES Stating that as per Meter testing lab report, Meter Plastic seals and Hologram seals found OK, Meter LCD, LED and Ultrasonic welding found OK. Meter Date & Time found Disturbed. Meter billing data found corrupted. Meter battery found fail. Downloaded data is available. Lab report concluded Meter Date & Time is disturbed.

Sir, previous meter is installed by BSES staff not by consumer. We are not aware about the meter Date, Time and Meter billing data. Even also this time when new meter is installed we are not aware what BSES staff has done on new meter, only they told to sign on installation paper i.e. done by mother this time. Electricity Meter is electronic machine i.e. BSES company providing and all functions of this meter are handled by BSES staff or reader of BSES staff. We not aware about the functions of the meter. We did not do anything with the previous meter.

Sir, I want to inform, current bill of the above said new meter shows that units consumption decreases comparison to previous meter after changing the meters. Copy enclosed for your ready reference

Sir, we want to say that BSES company is making false allegation on us and doing arbitrary conduct, sending wrong bill to us whenever we are paying our bill electricity regularly and there is no due till date. BSES company should do thoroughly check the bill before sending to consumers and avoid unnecessary harassment given to consumers.

Sir, I request you please instruct BSES to check this matter very carefully as we have not theft any electricity and request to cancel the Bill of Rs.16,462/- that they have been sent WRONGLY.

Sir, we believe in justice and honesty so request you please do the needful on the matter accordingly.

DELHI – 110 031

Wrong bill / meter tampering allegation sent by BSES Yamuna Power Ltd.
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2 Responses to “Wrong bill / meter tampering allegation sent by BSES Yamuna Power Ltd.”

  1. harsh sharma

    Dear, My ca number 102888193 i have paid a bill of rs 16000 last month which was very much high according to usages i have launched complaint for that nd meter was replaced because engineer said that meter was jumping. After then i launched complaint of disputed bill which was not ressolve till now after so many,mail nd reminders.Today visited bses office hari nager told that pending lab report ressolve asap. Regards harsh 9953327219

  2. Ashish

    We have similar situation. I am not living in our house in Dilshad Garden from last 14 years and got the same notice from BSES. I think we all need to work together and file a harassment and defamation case on BSES


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