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dear sir/mam

my name is Sushil Kumar Bagga,i am residence of 198/17 a ramesh market east of kailash new delhi-110065,
we bought this property in 1986,in 1988 we reconstructed and build it for living purpose as we came from punjab nawashahar district jalandhar,due to terrorist threats in 1984,when we started living here we recieved an letter from court that this property is disputed,the owner was lady named Chander Kanta Sharma which is now hidden,she made a deal with Dewan Chand Batra residence of lajpat nagar by giving rs 20000 to the lady, Dewan chand batra extend the deal 3-4 times due to insufficient funds,due to this the lady forfieted the deal and sold the property to us for rs60000,and the lady has appeared in court in the beganing and favoured us but not after 2004,we were unaware of this deal,else would have not bought,since 1988 we are fighting in the court for our rights,but TEES HAZARI COURT,HIGH COURT and even SUPREME COURT made judgement against us due to no reason,the judges are not ready to listen us,nd some of our lawyers also betrayed us,Dewan Chand Batra might have bribed them,now SUPREME COURT passed order against us today 8/5/2014,now i have left with nothing,this has led to mental illness to me and my family,i have no option other than commiting sucide.pls get this case reviewed again,its a kind request to you, case number is 10178 supreme court

wrong justice
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