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I purchase two items from shopclues.com
Order ID Name Return ID
59632703 Power strip- extension cord 5+5+1(5amp-multipin socket 1678963
56913205 Brother Clothes Dryer Folding Rack Euro 1679241
Both items were delivered with different specification when I made return request shopclues deny to return with region given below
“Please note: Product bought under deals are eligible for returns, if you receive a product which is not as per the specification mentioned on the website and defective or damaged product.”
Both items were different with as show on shopclues website I have saved pages of the same items.
First item was claim as 2 meter cord and metal body but supplied item has 2 feet cord and toy type plastic body.
Second item show 4 steel road per wings, adjustable angle of wings, 6 wheels and socks dryer attachment but supplied item have 3 coated road per wings, 4 wheels, no adjustable angle for wings and no socks dryer attachment.
As mentioned on email from shopclues supplied items were differing from specifications given on website.
So I requested to you kindly do needful to return my money.

Wrong product supplied
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