Wrong SBI credit card delivered and hence wrong bill

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I have requested for Rs499/annum charge SBI card, instead I was issued Rs2999/annum charge card. I have complained multiple times via phone call and emails – every time I receive the answer that my issue has been looked over and my card n account is closed and I will not have any outstanding bill with SBI.

Stll, I receive bill of Rs 7000+ this month. I DONOT know why.
i have even not activated my card as this was NOT my desired card. How come SBI doesn’t hears from the customers complaints and delivers the wrong and unethical commitment.

Now, I am fed p of writing and calling SBI people’s. I receive multiple calls from SBI to pay the bill for the card which I never got it activated and many complains has been made.

Why nobody from SBI hears my complain.
I need your help on this Urgenttly.

Mohammad Saquib

Wrong SBI credit card delivered and hence wrong bill
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