wrong shipment delivered

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i am anil . i orderd a product in shopclues with order no. i it was not delivered at the time with multiple times of call to customer care, they said your concern has taken and itwill be replied with in 48hours and not resolved. they cheated gi-vibng the tracking no wrong and not saying to which courirer they have given the parcel. i got the courrier name finall with lot’sstruggle. the professional courriuer which was taken the parcel not gave any kind of the information and updated in their site as customaer is notavailable oosunday. people in shopclues and professional coruier has wrost .too hard to talk to them and no cooperative to the customer.onething shopclues products all are damged or used /lowquality products. i have orderd the produsct of luch boxes with bag,they sent bowl in one color and lids of in 1one color. i request for repalce. they confirmed refurned for this.with request no 54014653. evem today i was follwowing with shopcluues team saying the same thing it will be refunded by 10 working days , starting from 9th jun,2015. till today it was not reached by them speaking the same story.

request you to take necesary action them and money which i have paid to be refunded


wrong shipment delivered
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  1. Khalida rahman

    I ordered 2 packs of aire bra splash on 28.5.2015 with cod option.but only 1 pack was delivered and i had to pay for 2 pack as it was printed on the invoice.i complained shop cj 4 times but they are not taking any action till now.so i request you to make shopcj return my excess money of 1 pack. Order no 20150528043836,docket no 396811762822,invoice no 201505280877


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