wrong treatment by Hospital

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My brother Amit kr pal 35yrs from
Asansol west bengal suffuring low back (spine)pain science 2007 to till date,operation done two time in 2008 &2010 at applo chenni and west bengal…quite normal those periode but in august 2015 pain again too much incrise that patitant cry at bed..we take him at vydehi hospital november2015 in neuro dept then doctors examined and decided to operate 2nd december 2015 and fitted some screow in spine(total cost 1laks+)they assurance that patiant will 90%recover within three month but at present my patiant is more critical condition too much pain and cry in bed,its mean doctors cant rectify the actual problemd and operate the patiant for taking money and their behaviour also bad, cheating doctots at VYDEHI HOSPOTAL .I want to take hard and punishable action against vydehi hospital and claim money for treatment my patiant….we have finished all our money to treat the patiant …..please help us.

Asansol ,west bengal
Email: smt_pal@rediffmail.com

wrong treatment by Hospital
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