Xiaomi Mi Redmi 2 service center

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My phone Mi 2 was not working properly. There was Problem of Display and overheating. So I went to the service at Vikas marg and submitted my phone for repair. But 4 weeks have been passed by but there is no positive response from their side. I have not received my phone back yet.

IMEI/Serial No: 866392020567982, 866392020567990
Model No: RedMi 2 – 324 – Redmi 2- FDD-IN-White
Date of Purchase- 26-03-2015
Sold by- WS Retail Services Pvt. Ltd.
VAT/TIN: 29670869006

Service center visit details:
Job sheet no-JS15092100258
Date created- 21- sept-2015
Expected return date- 06- october-2015

My contact Details-
Phone- +91-9971823902
Email- sachin.garg28@gmail.com

Xiaomi Mi Redmi 2 service center
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