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My phone broke when I was trying to protect it from getting stolen by a thief on the street on 21st feb 2016. First, the claim that this mobile has gorilla glass protection is false as, it had a tampered glass on it and the phone just fell from a height of like a foot or two and along with tampered glass breaking, the screen also got cracks and the touch stopped working. So my question is, where is the gorilla glass? I know how gorilla glass works since most of the people around me have it in their phones and they frequently drop their phones.

Second, I had fallen on the road once, a month back and got my phone broken, again with the same (tampered glass + screen) and it was repaired within hours then. But they gave me this oneassist insurance of sorts then and said I can get my phone repaired really fast. But now, they are saying that it will take more than a month to get it repaired. Here is a summary of what happened:-

1. They had my information wrong and I had to ask them to “Google” pin code in order to confirm. Also, they had my email id wrong, so I never got the bill on my mail.

2. I told them I have lost my bill and my phone is broken(touch not working), so I cannot access the IMEI number. The guy was adamant on not helping till I provided him that. I somehow used my google account to get it. (Thank God for google, else I’ll still be in agony!!)

3. He said that it will take 48 hours to process my request, then a claim form will be sent which again will take 48 hours to process and then if my claim is fine, they will send over a person and my phone will be repaired in a matter of 25-30 days.

Now, the thing is, I just moved in a city for internship and I am a student. How will I manage for so long without it?(I have to order a new phone perhaps, but why?).
And isn’t this pure mental harassment since the last time my phone broke(not even a month ago)I got it repaired in a matter of hours? I mean why don’t they just tell us that all they want is our money, if we give that our work will be done, else wait forever? I mean they said they are sorry but that isn’t solving any of my problems now is it?

So serious help requiered.

Xiaomi Phone broken
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