Xiaomi’s phone at their service centre since 01/12/2015

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This to bring to your notice that I had given my Redmi Note 3G for repair at your service centre on 1st December, 2015 having Work Order : SUR/XM/15/06540.
As of today 15/02/2016, I have not been intimated of any progress on the phone by Xiaomi inspite of continuous reminders from my side. Xiaomi had promised to deliver the phone by 1st week of February, 2016, but still they have not repaired and they have stopped responding me.

It doesn’t suit a company with such a large customer base to act so irresponsibly while providing service which is an essential part of sales. Xiaomi’s actions falsify its claim of trying to provide the ‘best user experience possible’ and the reason that they are giving is they are not able to fetch the required part due to court order. Xiaomi’s reason to save their skin isn’t justifiable.They should be penalised for their action and should be warned for their irresponsible service towards product covered under warranty.

Xiaomi’s phone at their service centre since 01/12/2015
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