XUV clutch break down in 1year’s time ( 13,600km)

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My clutch and gear for my XUV5OO(W6 Model) has broken down completely 2days back. The clutch is not coming up and getting stuck in between and the gear shift isn’t happening. My car has run only for 13600 odd kms, purchased in Oct’15 from Anant-Cars Bangalore so cannot believe the clutch plates has gone bad this soon.
I have read lot about the some clutch problems in XUV cars and the cars being recalled due to the same reason(Autoportal.com, MADrives.com, etc.) The problem is very well known to Mahindra but service centres are dumping the charges on the customers.
I consulted Sireesh Automobiles(Marathahalli, Bangalore) as the clutch got broken down in the middle of the road 2days back.
Yesterday evening, representative has sent me the following estimate.
Estimated amount of your xuv 500 clutch job is around Rs19,700 which includes
Clutch set incl labour = 13500
CIC = 4600
Brake/clutch oil=1500
Petrol cleaning = 100

My car is under warranty but still the representative is saying the fault will not be covered under warranty. I cannot believe paying up such a huge amount for a newly bought car which is still under warranty. I am very surprised and disappointed with their words and not sure of how to respond.

Request you to please look into the matter and guide me as what should I do.

PS: Supervisor Rep is citing that this gradual wear of the clutch due to my bad driving in city road. However, during the recent service ( done at 12,000kms) this was not brought to my attention if this was gradually. Moreover the clutch issue developed immediately not gradually if were a normal wear & tear. Besides i’ve driven other cars in Bangalore roads and clutch has happened only after 50,000kms or so.

XUV clutch break down in 1year’s time ( 13,600km)
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