Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2 bike complaint

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I owned a bike , Yamaha FZ-S Version 2 in January 2015, from Yamaha Authorized Dealer, named Drishti Motors, Hajo, Dist-Kamrup, Assam. After about 2 months from the date of buying the fiber cover of the fuel tank started cracking at the joints of the screws of the cover. My bike has never had any accident. May be there is some manufacturing defect of the part. I made verbal complaint to the dealer at first. Later I made the same in written also . But no action has taken by the authorities to resolve the issue.

Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2 bike complaint
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  1. Parvez

    I have a fesino
    I m in trouble because my back tyre have bambaling
    Wark shop repear it but after that conditions are same
    And many more trable in fasino


  2. ashish kaushik

    I purchage a yamaha fz,sfi jaunary 2015 and after 5 month there is a abnormal sound coming from chain set I gone to dealer for check my bike the dealer says therr is a normanl sound coming from chain there is no problem chain set. And last few days abnormal sound coming from my engine and some time my bike stop automatically while driving. So which I am not satified with yahama dealiship and yamaha product dealer name shivalaya yamaha Delhi road meerut opp era mall


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