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Hello Myself Kiran Shinde from
Dombivli, Mumbai.
I’m a YZF R15 V2.0 owner & yesterday i.e. 29/05/2014 I took my bike for my 4th service & the thing is the main owner (supervisor) was not present there and the other engineers took my bike for servicing and gave me a slip according to the procedure. & while giving them my bike keys, I made sure their engineers that my bike is in good condition with no physical damage & he agreed too. but when I went to get my bike back I looked around and found that the screw part under the seat which holds the side body of the bike has broken and when i had a talk to the main owner (supervisor) of the service center he backed off and said “thats not our work to look after and we havn’t broked it and he said I was not there on the center whole day.” which means the supervisor dont supervise on the engineers while doing servicing of any bike and simply he dont cares & i think you the Consumer Complaint Helpers should take some action on it cause it has not just happen with me there are my two other friends having Yamaha bike and having the same problem with the servicing from the Aims Yamaha.
Please have a look towards it.
Do Contact Me. I would like to co-operate with you.

Yamaha Service Centre Complaint
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