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I had purchased shoe from yepme order id:13365076 on 3rd may 2015

In the offer buy one get one free you have provided only one, so for that i have registed a complain (mentioned below)

OrderId CreatedOn ModeOfPayment Status ComplainDesc CompStatus
13308050 5/3/2015 11:05:00 AM Credit dispatched i had order buy one get one free but i had got only one quantity.Please send one more item ASAP Resolved

You have resolved the issue with out any update & i am waiting for your responce still but i can see that the issue has been closed without resolving the issue & funny thing is that you have not even contacted me how can you even close the claim .

Were is your customer satification from last 2 months , now i am going legal if this issue is not resloved by 48hrs timeline asper my convenient .

I am highlighting the issue to social media

I want satisfactory resolution by 48hrs & make sure you contact me within 24hrs (time : after 7:30pm )

An unsatisfied customer

Yepme complaint
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