Zoom Car – Delay in the repayment

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I have registered in zoom car under my registered mobile number as 9886289888. I have the query with regards to the repayment of my booking done dated 22nd May 2015. My booking was rejected with the reason stating the license was not clearly visible.

Hence I was expecting for my money to be refunded with 2 or 3 working days. I also waiting for few more days assuming the delay could be caused due to the technical error. Also further with this regard, I spoke to your representative repeatedly over the phone effective June 2nd. I receive the repeated confirmation stating the money transfer is initiated through NEFT and it will take at the maximum 48 hours to refund the money. Again I called the customer care on Friday since I didn’t receive the money after waiting for provided timeline. But again I receive the same answer and the person promised that I will receive the money in next 48 hours. Today after checking and re-confirming about the money not received when I called the customer care rep, I received the update that it will take 15 working days to refund the money. This is the reason I am writing this email. I have few question in back of my mind and I am looking forward for your clarification with this regard. I thought zoom car to be a trust worthy unit. But unfortunately I am very depressed by the experience I had with you guys.

1. At the first place I would like to know what is the defined timeline to refund the money?
2. When the booking itself is not confirmed why still there is a delay in transferring back the money?
3. Lets assume the delay for refunding the money is caused to the technical error.
4. Won’t the company prioritize the request in case of these exceptional cases where there is the delay to pay back the money due to the technical issues?
5. Why the false promise is made to the customers [I was assured I will receive the money within 48 working hours. I can provide the conversation recorded as an evidence for this} ?
6. When can I expect the money to be paid back?

Due to all the above mentioned uncertainties, I am very upset and depressed. I am panic about the money and the deposited money matter s a lot to me . I felt as though I have wasted ample time just only talking to representatives. I didn’t get the appropriate solution for my queries and on top of it I ended up in confusion and panic because of the speculative answers provided by reps at different time intervals. I

Zoom Car – Delay in the repayment
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